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3D Racing Games
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3D Death Race - Go on a real Deathrace through a forest and see how long you can survive. Dodge the trees and collect power ups on your way.

ARROW KEYS - to steer and accelerate.
Plays: 11060 Rating: Not rated

4 Wheel Furry 2 - 4 Wheel Furry 2 is a 3D racing game.
Plays: 10659 Rating: Not rated

Cab Driver - Great 3D game where you must work as a taxi driver in New York City. Drive with the arrow keys, pick up clients and take them to their destination as quickly as possible by following the arrows.
Plays: 15375 Rating: Not rated

Plays: 15624 Rating: Not rated

Formula G1 - Beat the qualifying race time to unlock the next level of the game. Controls: ARROWS - Steer you craft.
Plays: 9190 Rating: Not rated

Ghetto Getaway - A 3D racing game where you have to complete missions and the cops are after you. Follow the red arrow to complete your mision.
Plays: 9722 Rating: Not rated

Moon Rush - Collect the required gems before your opponents to win! Controls: ARROWS - Move | X - Shoot
Plays: 10021 Rating: Not rated

Oversize - Turn on your monster truck and master the tracks. Great 3D racing game!

Controls: Use the arrow keys to drive your vehicule, Space to use nitro, F to flip, R to recover, H...
Plays: 9537 Rating: Not rated

Rich Racer - Rich Racer is a cool 3D racing game.
Plays: 8357 Rating: Not rated

Runner - Your enemies are fanatically determined to drive you off the road. Run away from your chasers and find the path to the safety surviving enemies attack. Check fuel level and car health status by watching indicators on the...
Plays: 11766 Rating: Not rated

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