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3D Shooting Games
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Alien Slayer - This is a 3D shooting game where you have to kill aliens.
Plays: 13975 Rating: Not rated

Phosphor Alpha 4 - Phosphor Alpha 4 is a shockwave 3D First Person Shooter. You can play against other bot players (max 8). This is a fantastic 3D shooting game!
Plays: 44540 Rating: 5/5

Chernobyl Farms - This is a 3D shooting game where you have to kill monsters.
Plays: 18060 Rating: Not rated

13 Days In Hell - Is this what hell is like? 13 Days In Hell is a dark and creepy shooting game with rich 3D graphics and a very intense atmosphere. Shoot your way through hell.

Controls: Aim and fire with the mouse.
Plays: 11748 Rating: Not rated

Doomland 2154 - Press space bar to rise above the barrier and take out the Mutants. Try and destroy the rocket launcher before it launches at you. Doomland 2154 is another great 3D shooting game.
Plays: 10386 Rating: Not rated


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